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Centralized Workspace
Our dashboard shows you your current tasks, notes, meetings schedule, and bird-eye view of all your opportunities to get you ready for the day minus the distractions. Join meetings with one-click from your workspace.
Document your tasks and notes
Create tasks and notes with one-click. Get ready for your day with a one-stop download of all your tasks and notes right from your Workbook.
Calendar Intelligence
Get your schedule for the day aligned with a one-stop view of all your meetings in our Calendar. See your personal time blocks and meeting info on-the-go with our Calendar Intelligence.
Success Manager
Build and track successful evaluation solutions that your customer’s love.
Product Gaps Manager
Walk in-sync with the market’s needs by tracking your prospect’s feature requests and product enhancements, and building on these requests.
Built-in Starter Profile
All you Sales Engineers are going to love this feature! Starter Profile is designed to show you your operations data, performance benchmark, and work-insights. So, you can work most efficiently, and track your performance with respect to deals, and make smarter decisions.
Access to master-playbooks
All customer interactions and engagement get stored in one master-playbook, powered by built-in GTM intelligence.
Audit Library
Get complete visibility into your PreSales process using our Audit Library by viewing all logged changes/updates in your workflow.
Google Calendar
Microsoft Calendar
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We’re always there for you, and your customers.

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Hands-on experience
Quick onboarding
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