Connect all your tools and work efficiently.

Centralize all your data and seamlessly connect PreSkale
with all your existing tools.
Unified control center to centralize all presales operations and deliver exceptional product value
Manage contributions such as tasks, notes and documents and collaborate for successful deal closure
Success Manager
Build successful evaluation strategies and solutions that resonates with the customer’s use-case.
Product Gap Manager
Evolve your product or service in tandem with the market needs by streamlining product enhancements and new feature requests from prospects.
Handbook Manager
Consolidate every aspect of customer engagement with the product, the team and everything in between.
Audit Library
Effortlessly automate activity logs and gain clear visibility on the record of the presales process.
Starter Profile
From historic sales ops data, generate performance benchmark with powerful insights to align presales with the sales process and revenue goals on Day 1 of implementation.
Evaluate overall performance, recognize sales-presales influence and optimize resource utilization to develop omni-functional intelligence and perfect the presales workflow in the go-to-market strategy.

Upcoming Integrations

With these integrations in our roadmap, PreSkale will soon support every tool in the Go-To-Market stack.

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