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Our Story

Our founders experienced the lack of a centralised platform to streamline presales operations and to deliver exceptional product experience. Their search led them to built PreSkale.

Founded in 2021, PreSkale is on a mission to unifiy product evaluation. Our team is fully remote, where work and life is built into our culture.

We are moving fast to pace with the growth of Presales and PreSkale is on a journey to help deliver vera-level software for value influencers.

Team Size

Meet the people behind
the product

Ajay Jay
Co-founder & CEO
Prasanth Ganesh
Co-founder & COO
Senthil Kumar
Software Engineering 
Vijay Balaji
Associate Product Manager
Moses Mano
Associate Software Developer
Hitesh Moorjani
Associate Software Developer
Shambhavi Tewari
Junior Software Engineer
Junior Developer

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