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Ajay Jay, before building PreSkale, had a wonderful career at Freshworks working as a hybrid PreSales + Sales person. The PreSales training helped him improve his product expertise and this in turn helped him get better sales conversion numbers.

Later, he took on a new challenge to grow Freshsales in the EU region (a CRM product inside Freshworks). His grasp over product knowledge helped him translate product-value to his prospects, giving him an edge over other colleagues.


He joined RFPIO to head its Europe expansion plans. As he started working with Enterprise clients, managing documents, meetings, product discussions, POCs, RFPs and other assets across dozens of tools became super-tedious.

The lack of a centralized platform scattered his workflow into an unmanageable mess. No one could track, analyze, or determine the influence of PreSales across the Sales lifecycle.


Ajay took it as a challenge and solved it by building one-pagers where he would store evaluation plans, interactions with his prospects. He would share them with the stakeholders to make evaluations easier and build great rapport.

They helped Ajay keep track of his accounts, make sharp decisions based on historical data, as well as help other teams and colleagues from product, customer success, and sales teams to reach post-purchase success quicker.


Building on this idea, he joined hands with his long-time friend and colleague Prashanth, who shared the same passion for building out-of-the-box solutions. Ajay started PreSkale, and Prashant joined in as the COO.

Our Story

PreSkale started with a mission to resolve the challenges & pain-points faced by Sales Engineers, Solution Consultants, Technical Sales Advisors, and other PreSales Engineers around the world.

We help GTM teams create better strategies and make smarter decisions that reduces cost-to-company and increase customer-centric revenue from PreSales intelligence.

Ajay Jay, Cofounder & CEO at PreSkale, experienced the same challenges while he was working as a PreSales + Sales hybrid with enterprise clients. He realized managing documents, evaluation plans, and meetings across dozens of tools became super tedious.

Also, the lack of a centralized platform scattered his workflow into an un-manageable mess. No one could track, analyze, or determine the influence of PreSales across the Sales lifecycle.

That was his eureka moment. He along with Prashant, COO at PreSkale, sought out to solve this problem not just for themselves but for all the PreSales – an innovative solution that helps

PreSales users manage their everyday operations, helps PreSales managers improve team performance, and help leaders make effective and impactful decisions.

PreSkale was built to streamline evaluation experiences, deliver impactful solutions, improve technical conversions, improve product adoption during evaluation, and interlink PreSales insights with go-to-market teams.

Level up your PreSales with PreSkale.

Our founders

Ajay Jay
Co-founder & CEO
Prasanth Ganesh
Co-founder & COO
Senthil Kumar
Software Engineering 
Vijay Balaji
Associate Product Manager
Moses Mano
Associate Software Developer
Hitesh Moorjani
Associate Software Developer
Shambhavi Tewari
Junior Software Engineer
Junior Developer

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