Identify and improve your PreSales impact

Simplify, organize, and manage your PreSales, all in one workspace. Identify blockers, monitor key performance metrics, and get real-time updates on deal progress.

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A platform that offers valuable insights on PreSales influence, product impacts, and technical win rates to improve strategic revenue success.

Close product-market gaps, power best-fit assignments and convert more technical wins to drive revenue with PreSkale

Improved Visibility into Presales Impact

Real-time insights into PreSales activities and their impact on revenue success. With automated tracking, get a clear understanding of product impacts and technical win rates, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions and capitalize on opportunities.

Build Winning Evaluation Plans

Equip your team with a powerful arsenal of PreSales strategies and a repository of reusable libraries. Optimize resource assignments to create winning evaluation plans consistently. Use these tools to deliver compelling pitches, address customer pain points effectively, and achieve higher conversion rates.

Boost Technical Win Rates

Use comprehensive reports and analytics to identify and mitigate deal risks. Leverage advanced data-driven insights to ensure smoother closures and achieve higher technical win rates. Build trust, showcase product value, and position your team as reliable partners to secure more deals.

Effortless Activity Management

Real-time tracking and prioritization for streamlined PreSales activities. Unified planning and execution for smooth deal progression.

Optimized Resource Assignment

Optimize your PreSales teams by strategically aligning the right talents to the right opportunities, enhancing performance, and boosting deal conversion rates.

Complete Evaluation Plan

Get a coherent and recurring evaluation pipeline view of each team member. Improve collaboration, cut out roadblocks, and gain better visibility into where the team stands.

Activity Reporting & Productivity Management Tool

Generate comprehensive reports for performance analysis. Easily track team activities and progress. Expedite CRM updates for improved efficiency.

Why customers love PreSkale

99.99% uptime SLA for PreSkaleG2 review score for PreSkaleSOC compliant PreSkale

“… though it’s an early stage company, the effort they put into the product and being receptive to customer requests even at odd hours is going to take them a long way.”

Mark Gustin
VP of Solutions Engineer at Nauto

“PreSkale helps presales teams scale 10x and deliver impact, from IC level to the entire GTM function. That's the power and strength we want to build for the community.”

Karthik Hegde
Head of PreSales

“I was able to very quickly step away from deals that made no sense. Before PreSkale, I would have been forced to invest significant time and resources to no end.”

Jennifer McMullan
Experienced sales engineer

SEs are your revenue machine. And they're gasping for time and resources. Add up to +15 hours to your week and fortify any revenue leaks with all-in-one PreSales management platform.

Save time, improve efficiency, plug revenue leaks.