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What made Dreamforce 2022 amazing? The people

Prashanth Ganesh
January 31, 2024
5 min read

Salesforce facilitates happy faces around the world. It's not limited to one sector, industry, or domain. Today, hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are building essential eco-systems inside Salesforce and running entire businesses on top of it.

The wonderful people I met were the highlight of my journey at Dreamforce 2022. Everyone I spoke to at their booths had exciting stories about Salesforce and how their businesses grew from nothing to ten-fold.

#InterestingFact: I met with this pair of people who had retired from the police academy in SF. Salesforce had meticulously brought these people in to keep the crowd sane. I appreciate and bow down to the idea. #df22 made sure that all of us feel valued and every member of the community has an equal piece of the pie.

Prashanth with retired policeman and policewoman
Prashanth with retired policeman and policewoman helping with security at #df22

I spoke to Janice Garland, who shared amazing insights on how NGOs and various government entities are building applications on Salesforce to power their processes. 

Next in line, I came across Sara Hernández, who runs a non-profit teaching program for women starting out in the Salesforce ecosystem. In each cycle of the program, she teaches them the path to become a Salesforce Administrator, giving them all the tools to achieve it, both technical and personal.

She was honored at the Trailblazer event with a gold-colored blazer for her exceptional contribution to her community. 

Here's another interesting example of Ford using Salesforce to transform its relationship with its customers

Then between faces, I met Phillip Revive from Accenture. He had one of the cutest booths installed at #df22. It was a puppy booth, and we started talking about puppies and took some photos. 

Prashanth with puppies at SaaStr 2022
Prashanth at SaaStr 2022

We spent some time talking about PreSkale, our journey, and what's in the store for the upcoming quarter.

I joined Nick Capozzi in the after-party cruise organized by Demostack, where I interacted with many PreSales leaders. The cruise was to Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. 

Prashanth at after-party cruise hosted by Demostack
Prashanth at after-party cruise hosted by Demostack

So that trip was fun, and I also got to understand how different PreSales folks align their workflows to their challenges at the workplace. 

Next, I came across the Gratitude Tree. Basically, everyone who passed by, wrote the names of people, teams, or anything that they wanted to thank for being in their lives. I wrote down these names below.

Gratitude tree at #df22
Gratitude tree at #df22

So in all, I had a wonderful time and met incredible founders and game-changers at Dreamforce 2022. 

The community is growing at an unprecedented rate and it fills me with joy to be a part of it. And building PreSkale, for Sales and PreSales predominantly, pushes me to discover new ways of workflows and processes that the world is adopting. 

Dreamforce has been truly helpful and a giant leap for us to dictate our future trajectory. Looking forward to #df23.

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