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How a Sales Engineer saved 15+ hours per week and converted more dollars

Joshua Ben Michael
January 31, 2024
5 min read
“PreSkale is remarkable in a way that makes my everyday operations and data-entries easy. It is my single source of truth” – Jenn.


Jenn is a Sales Engineer with 25+ years of experience in technical sales, process engineering, functional design, and technology deployment.

We had a fantastic opportunity to work with her. She was one of our first avid users from a Series B company who incorporated PreSkale in her everyday operations as a Sales Engineer and saw a significant impact.

This article tells her story — life before and after PreSkale — and we're glad to share it with you all.

The challenges of Sales Engineers:

Jenn’s life before and after PreSkale was a total contrast like chalk and cheese. She had faced her set of challenges working as a PreSales Engineer. These were a couple of her blockers:

Many tools and scattered data — earlier, an array of tools in her tech stack drove her workflow and drained her time. Skimming through Gmail, Docs, Drive, Asana, SharePoint, and other ad-hoc tabs was tedious.

It was nerve-wracking to go through every tool to download data on evaluation workflows or prepare for internal and external meetings. She calls those times "frustrating" and "inefficient."

Manual data entry — led to miscommunication, improper collection of information, inaccuracy in data points, and other deviations. Maintaining data in Excel was a tedious job.

Low visibility into PreSales impact — the users faced many such challenges, but the managers felt the heat too.

Similar to other Sales Engineers, Jenn’s performance was measured on limited metrics based on sales data from CRM, such as, "number of meetings / hours spent," "technical win rates," and "successful business wins" which may not be the right metrics to determine one’s performance.

And yes, many argued for bringing Salesforce to the rescue, but that hardly changed anything. Salesforce is ideally not built for PreSales.

Sales Engineers need a dedicated tool, like PreSkale, to identify and engage with best-fit prospects, streamline their evaluation plans, and maximize resource allocation to enable the entire team to work at their most optimum levels.

Jenn exclaimed that these issues were common across the companies she previously worked with or when she heard from her SE colleagues.

This is where PreSkale came in:

After onboarding her, Jenn instantly saw a positive jump in her workflow:

One platform, centralized data — PreSkale was the one single source of truth for all deals and technical processes. It saved a ton of Jenn's time and she didn't have to login to any other tool whatsoever.

She could see everything at a glance - her opportunities, meetings for the day, her performance over time, winning practices, and information from integrated-tools such as Calendar, Jira, and Salesforce.

PreSkale has evaluation plans to manage solution, product-gaps and every opportunity information in one-place. Jenn didn't have to duplicate templates created in Excel, Asana, Docs, Drive, and SharePoint anymore.

PreSkale user testimonial
Jenn's testimonial

Eliminate redundant work and saving time — PreSkale is designed to strategize and follow through with the evaluation plan for successful deal conversion and eliminate redundant and time consuming workflow operations.

PreSkale helped her prioritize opportunities with high closure probability. With Workbook, she was able to focus on her deliverables and save time in the process, and with Checklist, she could drive value early in the evaluation cycle.

PreSkale user testimonial
Jenn's testimonial

Visualize the impact of her work — with Advanced Reporting, Sales engineers can visualize overall impact on the sales cycle. Jenn could streamline processes, deliver customized solutions, track the revenue she helped bring in, and act on many other established KPIs.

She calls it a game-changer. The features such as "Pulses," "Product Gap Analysis," and "Solutions" were a life-saver for her and her team. It was not just PreSales that benefited from this. Even other GTM teams had a slice of the pie.  

She concluded that all companies aiming to identify winning GTM practices, deliver impactful solutions, drive higher technical conversions, and ultimately bring revenue in — must have PreSkale as part of their only tech stack.

Jenn mentions how her PreSales manager had more visibility into what her team was focusing on and saw the true pulse of the deal.

Our closing words

We thank Jenn for her contribution and willingness to help us build a more sound product. And for sharing her experience with PreSkale.

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