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How PreSkale saved 2 hours every day for my fast-scaling team?

Ajay Jay
January 31, 2024
5 min read

Karthik, former Head of PreSales at Vymo, managed and looked upon the entire PreSales cycle across South East Asia, India, and MEA and delivered exceptional results that won deals at scale.

This blog details his experience with PreSkale and how it helped him optimize his and his team's time. Like any team, Karthik's team was scaling and, with time, brought turbulence.

They were looking to gain complete visibility into the team, active prospects, active POCs, and the team's utilization and time spent.

In-house resolution for clarity on Team Time-Spent

Karthik advised his organization's management to deploy an Activity Management Tool (AMT). Agreeing to his advice and following up with their downstream team (who had some heavy hours working in Jira), the team built an AMT-version within Jira.

Jira primarily being a product / project management tool, it didn't wholly help them solve the problem. The team then moved to Salesforce, but again to their surprise, the platform was not built for PreSales and their operational difficulties.

By then, they had refined their process but decided to do a re-check on the market for a PreSales tool.

Quest for the right tool

Once Karthik and his team started scaling — and couldn't find the right tool for themselves — they reached out to other PreSales software tools. However, most PreSales platforms depended on CRM and had a vast list of configuration elements that were mandatory for the PreSales tools to work.

Additionally, Karthik and his team were required to get a license for the PreSales software and a CRM license to use the PreSales tool. It was not the case with PreSkale. We designed it to work with and without a CRM license.

The Incredible Powers of PreSales & How C-Suite can Boost their Sales Growth

The PreSkale Experience

With their earlier processes and tools, Karthik nor the management had team-level visibility or user-metrics insights. They had to individually access each person's data from multiple tools to produce data and get the required visibility on active prospects and the team.

He adds that this process became a magnanimous task as the team grew to support more active prospects. Extracting data and producing qualitative reports consumed him and his team a lot of time. Everyday technical pipeline discussion consumed an additional 2-hours of the team's time.

With powerful data centralization and the Manager Pipeline View, Karthik could quickly connect with everyone on the team, identify bottlenecks and resolve them, and provide accurate forecast metrics to the management in under 30 mins.

With PreSkale, Karthik and the management could easily view the team's operational prospects’ activities, POC blockers, missing product features, team performance, and user metrics. It was no longer required to extract data as PreSkale managed it all.

Further detailing on this,

1) The centralized platform

PreSkale is the single source of truth for all deals and technical processes. For companies with longer sales cycles, data on completed action items by PreSales are spread across the sales cycle and are crucial data points to close a deal.

Karthik and the management had complete clarity on the direction of the deal. This enabled him to be on top of the prospects, POCs, and team and proactively resolve potential blockers.

PreSkale has a simple and straightforward integration with Salesforce. All we required to get started with the system was one custom field and the presales aren’t required to have a CRM license to work on these deals.

2) Lightning Dashboard for Managers

The Lightning Dashboard for managers provides a bird's eye view of the team's activities for the day.

At one glance, Karthik had a snapshot of all the upcoming prominent customer meetings and their purpose. With the Outcome trends, he could identify where the team has spent time this week.

3) Working with Reports

Reports in PreSkale are optimized to help the user and manager with the data that was missing in GTM conversations.

With the utilization reports and filtering options, Karthik could deep dive into the time spent and time drainers for the team and optimize to improve team productivity and output.

With the Customer Analytics Reports, the Revenue operations team could deep-dive into prospects and active POCs. These reports, combined with CRM information, help improve forecast accuracy and have more visibility into what's happening in their PreSales process.

4) Product Gaps = Life Saver

PreSkale enables PreSales to track product gaps that can potentially hinder the sales motion, and with its tight integrations with the product tools such as Productboard, this data can be passed on to the product team directly as well.

Karthik could quickly identify these items and help the team devise alternative workflows as resolutions during their technical discussions. With the native Productboard integration, he could pass this market-verified data to the product team as insights and help develop a market-aligned product and improve closure rates.

With PreSkale's Product Gap Manager, users can consolidate customer requirements, and Product teams can prioritize feature builds with one glance. PreSkale turned a difficult-to-collect scattered data point into tangible input and value-delivering insight.

How PreSales can contribute to product roadmap

5) Support

Karthik lastly mentioned the PreSkale team and their support. PreSkale is a product built for PreSales, by PreSales folks. He highlights that the PreSkale team takes product feedback and delivers on the same with an excellent turnaround time.

And the same is done for any technical queries and clarifications as early as possible. He chuckled that this should have ideally been the first point.

Some parting words

Karthik's experience with PreSkale has further validated how PreSales can deliver impact and drive value with their efforts.

PreSkale is built for PreSales teams of all sizes and use cases. It enables teams to scale 10x and deliver impact from an individual contributor to the entire GTM function. That's the power and strength we want to build for the Presales community .

And adding to that, we thank Karthik and appreciate his willingness to contribute his thoughts to us.

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