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How To Create An Effective Pre-sales Process

Ajay Jay
January 31, 2024
5 min read

You've come to the right place if you're struggling to track where your revenue is going and losing out on deals. It's frustrating when you have your employees working hard, but you can't see the quality and quantity of their work. These are clear signs that you're losing track of resource allocation - the strategic distribution and utilization of resources.

Pre - sales resource management allows you to qualify the incoming requirements from prospects or internal presales teams and allocate your resources accordingly to meet the needs of potential customers. It's all about making the most of what you've got. The key is to leverage each person's skills to their fullest potential.

By optimizing the use of resources, you can ensure that your team is focused on high-value activities and equipped with the necessary tools to perform their best. In other words, it enables you to accomplish more without increasing your spending.

Why is PreSales Resource Allocation so crucial?

➦ Promotes Clear Sales-PreSales Visibility

By effectively allocating pre - sales resources, such as sales engineers, documentation, and tools, the sales team gains a clear view of the resources at their disposal. With improved visibility into these resources, Pre-sales and sales teams can deliver customers a seamless and personalized sales experience, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

➦ Avoiding Over-Allocation and Burnout

Resource allocation prevents overloading sales engineers with excessive tasks and responsibilities. Overallocation can lead to burnout and lower productivity. By carefully distributing resources, you take a  crucial step in maintaining a balanced workload, ensuring optimal performance and avoiding burnout.

➦ Improved Customer Satisfaction

By keeping projects on track and assigning the right resources to each job, effective resource allocation leads to better project outcomes and driving success for sales teams. This boosts customer experience as you deliver projects efficiently and effectively, navigating through the entire customer journey, meeting or even exceeding sales organization client expectations. The outcome of this can be clearly seen through reduced churn rates.

Building a strong rapport with prospective customers based on mutual respect lays the foundation for a successful and long-lasting customer relationship, fostering trust and open communication.

A study by McKinsey found that "companies that reallocated more resources earned, on average, 30 percent higher total returns to shareholders annually."

➦ Facilitating Collaboration

Resource allocation fosters collaboration among sales engineers, presales experts and other cross-functional teams. Allocating resources for regular meetings, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions enables sales engineers to collaborate effectively with presales consultants, product managers, marketing teams, and other subject matter experts. This collaboration leaves a very evident positive impact on all the pre-sales activities throughout the entire sales pipeline.

This collaboration further enhances the presales engineer's capabilities and enables them to leverage the expertise of presales professionals to navigate complex sales cycles.

➦ Sales Engineer Awareness and Performance

With proper resource allocation, your sales engineer will encounter a number of growth opportunities -- clearly understanding their sales quota and can confidently taking on the challenge of engaging and converting qualifying leads. Having enough resources to gain comprehensive product knowledge, they can effectively communicate the value proposition of your offerings and address current customers' pain points. They can optimize their time and conversion rate to meet revenue targets.

With all the product insights, sales managers can execute a well-designed product demo that can anticipate customer objections and significantly influence their decision-making process.


➦ Enhanced Sales Engineer Capabilities

Resource allocation allows sales reps to leverage saved resources for important tasks such as tracking customer interactions, accessing product documentation, and collaborating with team members ensuring efficient pre-sales support throughout the sales process. This enables them to provide customers with a seamless and efficient sales experience throughout all sales cycles.

This way, by honing the skills of presales consultants, they can streamline the complex sales processes and devise an effective pre-sales strategy paving a strong roadmap for future sales.


How to Build a Strong Pre-Sales Process with the Right Resource Allocation

Step 1: Developing Resource Strategies 

Step 1: Developing Resource Strategies 

Imagine launching a grand expedition without the right team by your side. The first step in our quest to build a formidable pre-sales process is to identify the resources we need. Who are the legendary knights (or skilled pre-sales teams) that will lead us to victory? What tasks demand the most resources? Unleash the power of resource strategies to assemble your dream team and streamline your sales operations.


Step 2: Forecasting and Planning 

Step 2: Forecasting and Planning 

Before charging into battle, a seasoned captain plots the course with precision. In our sales process, we must forecast and plan, estimating the time and resources required to conquer the market. Are there potential bottlenecks lurking on the horizon, ready to thwart our progress? By identifying these obstacles, we can navigate the treacherous seas of sales and emerge victorious, having more closed deals than ever!

Step 3: Execution and Tracking 

Step 3: Execution and Tracking 

As we reach the third step, it's time to stand on the battlefield of execution. We have our resources, battle plans, and hearts filled with determination. It's time to assign specific tasks to our fearless warriors and monitor their progress. Remember, tracking the progress is like taming wild dragons, ensuring each deal is on track and poised for victory. As we conquer one deal after another, our pre-sales process becomes a force to be reckoned with, led by visionary sales leaders meeting revenue targets!



PreSales Resource Management Process


PreSkale’s Resource Assignment Manager

Allocating the best-fit resource to deliver maximum impact along the way can be quite demanding, but it doesn't have to be a daunting task!

You don't need to dig through countless spreadsheets, documents, and post-it notes or constantly juggle between your team members' calendars.

That's where PreSkale’s Resource Assignment Manager comes in to streamline communication and collaboration across Pre-Sales teams, ensuring effective engagement with potential customers. By leveraging PreSkale's RAM, you can overcome the challenge of limited visibility.

‍PreSkale recognizes your valuable time, and we strive to make every interaction count by prioritizing meaningful engagements with qualified prospects in closing deals faster and utilizing sales technology to optimize your productivity.


With automated resource allocation and utilization tracking, you gain real-time visibility into resource availability and utilization. This invaluable insight helps you allocate resources more effectively, making informed decisions on resource allocation.

Once you understand what your project team is capable of achieving, the next step is to delegate the right tasks to each person based on their skills and availability. It's important to consider the availability and bandwidth of your resources.

Team members rarely work on just one thing at a time, but they are limited by the number of hours they can dedicate to work per week/day. Ensuring your team has sufficient work hours for this specific project is crucial.

By utilizing Resource Assignment Manager and optimizing resource allocation, you can simplify the entire process, enhance collaboration, and maximize your team's productivity, ultimately delivering value to qualified leads. With a clearer view of your resources and their capabilities, you'll be able to allocate tasks more effectively, leading to better project outcomes.

How Does It Help?

Allows you to take back time and reinvest in better enabling the team!

By implementing effective resource allocation practices, your can team can grow past operational bottlenecks and focus on strategic involvement to drive solution value across all the accounts.

Now with PreSkale’s Resource Assignment Manager, there is no need to –

➦ Regularly review performance on resource alignments, forecasting and planning for resource needs, and monitoring resource utilization.

➦ Communicate regular updates on resource allocation and utilization /any potential resource constraints or bottlenecks.

➦ Adjust your resource strategies and allocation plans to changing circumstances or unexpected challenges.

Of course, investing time and energy in resource allocation can initially seem challenging.

However, it is a worthwhile investment that can save you significant time and energy in the long run. By optimizing resource allocation, you can achieve a 10x increase in efficiency, making the initial investment well worth it.

Learning shouldn't stop

We have compiled a list of 700+ v resources for those looking to upgrade themselves in Pre - Sales and Sales, including blogs, podcasts, and webinars.

The PreSales library is free to access. And best of luck for your future.

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