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New: Save time and steps with Calendar Automation

Ajay Jay
January 31, 2024
5 min read

Why? PreSales already spend less time selling and more time filling up CRM data and sending meeting invites. They shouldn’t be filling up more form fields. PreSkale’s one of the missions is to reduce mundane work for every individual contributor in PreSales. 

And Calendar Automation solves the next piece of the puzzle. Here’s more on what Calendar Automation does and how it helps you gain time and visibility into PreSales time spent:

Save time and steps with Calendar Automation

Just create a meeting in your default calendar app and PreSkale will automatically tag the meeting with opportunity, outcome, and type of meeting inside PreSkale’s Calendar.

Say, you create a time block for walking out your pet. PreSkale will automatically block the time as personal. Or if you book a demo meeting with a potential client, PreSkale will automatically block the time as below.

Event = External

Opportunity = Mercel Inc

Outcome = Demo

Strong integrations with calendar apps – whether you work with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, PreSkale have strong integrations in place to pull the meeting invites inside PreSkale and fill the necessary data points automatically to drive analytics for performance and efficiency..

One calendar to manage work and life – working with one calendar helps you eliminate redundant entries and follow a streamlined schedule. Every New York Best Seller on Time Management advises individuals to use one calendar for work and personal activities. And Calendar Automation makes it extremely easy to create a time block (personal or work)..

Improved accuracy over time – PreSkale mimics user behavior to simplify algorithm and improve the accuracy of the auto-tagging feature.

Integrated Workbook that logs tasks and notes – our Workbook is an integrated dashboard connected to our Calendar that helps you take down tasks and notes on the go. PreSales teams no longer need to login to another app or open up their notebooks, all the tools are available inside PreSkale to run a successful meeting. You can reach out to any particular meeting’s notes weeks later.

No more faulty inaccurate metrics – we know of the pain that most sales engineers have to endure due to lack of data and inaccuracy in individual data items. Such faults in the system are most likely due to sheer amount of manual work with excel files, human error and also technical glitch. Calendar Automation resolves it by removing human interference in the process.

Granular and long-term advantages of Calendar Automation & Analytics:

According to Global State of Sales 2022 post pandemic, about 1/3 of sellers (31%) say that they have closed deals over $500,000 without ever meeting the buyer face to face. 

The graph hints at the possibility of a gradual increase in virtual selling – means more time setting up meetings and calls with clients and internal stakeholders – and remote collaboration. Thanks to the hybrid work model that’s here to stay.

Here’s why Calendar Automation & Analytics proves widely successful for PreSales and Sales teams out there in the long run:

Time gain – less time spent on admin encourages PreSales teams to spend more time with customers and strategic stakeholders in the sales cycle.

No more manual work — users are not required to update google sheet(s) manually. Every note, task and schedule is centralized and updated right inside PreSkale so the team doesn’t spend extra time managing their workload.

Get more visibility and clarity on time-spent – recorded events and outcomes help PreSales Managers understand volume of time spent on activities.

Perform qualitative analysis on meeting outcomes – say, using our Calendar Analytics you found out that writing RFP takes over a huge chunk of work-time out of PreSales hours. The better strategy would be to hire a technical writer for it. As the working cost (per hour) of PreSales is much higher than a technical writer, it’s feasible to push PreSales on strategic and revenue-sensitive tasks.

Time drainers not only kill productive time but they also pull the morale of the team down. It’s a best practice to identify them at regular intervals and eliminate them ASAP. PreSkale’s Calendar & Statistics help you drill down into the time drainers. 

For instance, one of our customers noticed that many SEs were spending close to 35% of their weekly work hours on configuration. The leader approached the management with these data points and asked to hire a new PreSales personnel specifically to take care of configuration-related tasks. The approach saved many hours and helped improve team productivity.

Optimize time blocks – using time as a reference, understand the anatomy of every task and activity inside PreSales. Truly understand why a particular task is taking more time than the other, and bring these questions up in every Standup call to optimize the time blocks:

a) What are the blockers? 

b) How did we land in this position? 

c) What’s the way out?

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