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5 Examples of Presales Activities - Done Right

Ajay Jay
May 7, 2024
5 min read

Imagine you are at a lavish restaurant. Before you order your main course, the waiter brings you a sampler plate with tidbits of their most delicious dishes. Those initial morsels help you decide on your main course and ensure you make an informed decision that satisfies your taste buds. In the business world, this 'sampler plate' method resembles the pre-sales process. It's all about giving potential clients a taste of what's to come.


What is Pre-Sales?

Pre-sales refers to the activities and processes that precede the actual sale of a product or service. The primary goal of pre-sales is to understand and address the potential customer's needs, ensuring that they are the right fit for your product or service. It's about laying the groundwork for a successful sale by qualifying leads and building trust.


Pre-Sales Activities

The presales process can be thought of as a road trip. You know your destination (closing a deal), but you must take actual steps to ensure you get there without any hitches. Here's a breakdown:


Customer Research: Like a seasoned traveler looking into the history and culture of a new destination, a pre-sales consultant delves deep into a comprehensive understanding of the client's industry, pain points, and business goals.


Solution Crafting: Remember those travel hacks you learn from experienced globetrotters? Similarly, based on the customer's needs, a tailored solution or product demo is created to show how the product or service can resolve the customer's pain points.


Presentations & Demos: Picture this as the travel slideshow you show your friends to convince them to join you on your next adventure. Through sales presentations and demos, potential solutions are shown to the client to convince them of the product's worth.


Proposal Creation: This is like the detailed itinerary you hand out to fellow travelers. It includes costs, deliverables, timelines, and more to ensure everyone knows the plan.


Feedback Handling: Always anticipate some roadblocks. As customer feedback rolls in, handling objections, answering queries, and making necessary alterations become paramount to keep the journey smooth.


In pre-sales, it's essential to listen more than you speak. Understand deeply, then offer solutions.


Who Uses the Pre-sales Process?

The pre-sales process isn't confined to just one department or role within an organization. It's a collaborative effort that involves multiple stakeholders, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives. Let's delve into who these key players are!

Sales Teams

The sales team is often the first to engage in pre-sales activities. They are responsible for initial lead qualification, understanding customer needs, and setting the stage for deeper engagement. They're the frontline warriors in the pre-sales battle!

Pre-Sales Consultants/Specialists

These are the subject matter experts who dive deep into the technical and functional aspects of the product or service. They assist in crafting tailored solutions and are instrumental in presenting these solutions to the clients.

Product Managers

Product managers play a vital role in identifying product gaps through customer feedback gathered during the pre-sales process. They work closely with pre-sales teams to ensure that the product aligns with customer needs and market demands.

Data Analysts

Data analysts help in interpreting customer behavior, market trends, and other data points that can be crucial for the pre-sales process. Their insights enable the team to make data-driven decisions.

Customer Success Teams

While traditionally involved post-sale, customer success teams are increasingly engaged in pre-sales to ensure that the proposed solutions are sustainable and beneficial in the long term. They bring the perspective of customer retention into the pre-sales process.

Technical Support Teams

These teams provide the technical know-how and support required during product demos, proof of concepts, and solution mapping. Their expertise is crucial in showcasing how the product or service solves the customer's problem.


5 Examples of Presales Activities

In the competitive landscape of business, pre-sales activities are indispensable. They provide a roadmap to securing a potential client by ensuring you're on the right path, foreseeing potential hindrances, and maximizing the opportunity for a successful closed deal. Let's explore these fundamental pre-sales activities that are geared towards propelling you to success.

Making Discovery Calls

Disovery calls


Discovery calls are the initial interactions with potential clients where sales teams aim to understand the client's needs, challenges, and desires in depth by asking key questions. These calls are foundational in establishing a direction and building a fruitful relationship.

Golden Nugget: “Active listening is key in discovery calls. Tune in to understand and be guided rightly by the client.”

Presenting Demos



Demonstrations are about offering potential solutions in a manner that resonates well with the client, helping them visualize the beneficial journey they will embark on with your solution. It's about crafting a narrative where the client is the protagonist, and your solution is the path to success.

Golden Nugget: “Remember, your presentation is a storyline where the client is the hero.”

Request for Proposal (RFP) and Proposal Assistance

RFP is the client sketching their expectations and needs. It is a detailed representation of what the client envisages. Proposal assistance, on the other hand, is your constructive response showcasing the pathway to achieve those expectations with actionable insights, demonstrating your alignment with the client’s vision.

Golden Nugget: “Proposals should echo the client’s vision, showcasing how your services align seamlessly with their objectives.”

Conducting Competitor Research


Understanding your competitors' strategies and strengths offers you a distinct advantage. It allows you to position your offerings more attractively and differentiate your services effectively in a crowded marketplace.

Golden Nugget: “Differentiation is the key. Understand not just what you offer but also the product gaps in the competitors’ offerings.”

Conducting Customer Analysis

Customer Analysis


Deep valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points allow for a more targeted approach. This analysis ensures that your strategy is precisely tailored to appeal maximally to your target audience, forging stronger connections.

Golden Nugget: “The business landscape is dynamic. Stay ahead by continuously aligning with the evolving preferences of your customers.”

Creating Detailed Buyer Personas

Crafting detailed buyer personas helps in understanding the unique preferences and requirements of each potential client. It ensures that your approach is customized and more likely to meet the client’s specific needs, fostering a deeper connection.

Golden Nugget: “Tailored strategies win. Develop buyer personas that allow for a personalized approach in a diverse marketplace.”


In the world of sales, as in the vast, unpredictable ocean, preparation and knowledge are paramount. By incorporating these advanced pre-sales activities, you not only equip your ship with the best navigational tools but also ensure that you’re ready for any storm or challenge that may come your way.


The depth of your pre-sales groundwork determines the height of your sales success. So, hoist your sails high, navigate with precision, and chart your course towards uncharted territories with confidence. The treasures of successful future deals await!


Streamline your Sales Process with PreSkale

PreSkale is a cutting-edge platform designed to supercharge your pre-sales activities. PreSkale is not just another tool; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses the complexities of pre-sales. From identifying product gaps to streamlining processes and tracking activities, PreSkale is the key to unlocking a more effective and efficient pre-sales strategy!

Addressing Product Gaps

One of the most significant challenges in pre-sales is identifying and addressing product gaps. PreSkale offers robust analytics that help you understand where your product falls short and how it can be improved to meet customer needs. This is invaluable for not just pre-sales but also for product management.

Streamlining the Pre-Sales Process

Pre-sales involves multiple steps—from lead qualification to solution mapping. PreSkale streamlines this process by automating routine tasks and providing a centralized dashboard for all your pre-sales activities. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to efficiency!

🛠️ Activity Tracking for Accountability

Knowing who did what and when is crucial in pre-sales. PreSkale's activity tracking feature ensures that every interaction with a potential client is logged. This not only fosters accountability but also helps in refining your pre-sales strategies.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful pre-sales effort. PreSkale's transparent reporting features allow you to share insights and updates with potential clients, thereby building trust and setting the stage for a successful sale.

Learning shouldn't stop

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