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What is Presales Enablement? Everything You Need To Know To Optimize Your Conversions

Ajay Jay
January 31, 2024
5 min read

What is Presales?

Picture this: You've walked into a high-end automobile showroom. The shining cars beckon. But before you even speak to the salesperson about prices or offers, someone else approaches you. They ask about your driving habits, long commutes, the terrain you often traverse, and even the music you like. Based on your answers, they point out the cars that fit your requirements and also why they're a good fit for you. That person? They’re the embodiment of presales.


Presales is the bridge between a customer's needs and a product's value.

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Presales vs Sales: What's the key difference?


To break it down using our automobile analogy, while a salesperson would tell you the price, the deals, and help you finalize your purchase, a presales expert ensures you're looking at the right car in the first place. They align the product or service to your needs, ensuring a seamless transition when the baton is passed to sales.


One industry leader put it succinctly: "Salespeople sell. Presales professionals ensure there's something valuable to sell." This subtle yet profound difference ensures customer success enablement and often leads to repeat business.


How does presales enablement function?


To understand presales enablement, think of it as the background research and strategy that goes into ensuring a customer's needs align perfectly with what’s being offered. It's the understanding of the marketplace, the competition, the pain points, and the desires of the target audience by a sales organization.


Let me share a story to elucidate this:


Samantha is the CEO of a budding software startup. She recalls a time when they had a revolutionary product but just weren't making enough sales. Then, she introduced a presales strategy.


Before her team approached potential clients, they spent days understanding each business's unique challenges. When the sales meetings finally happened, instead of just talking about the software's features, they spoke about solutions - specific to each company's pain points.


Within months, sales skyrocketed. But here's the catch - the product didn't change, the understanding of how to present it did.


Always be a solution provider, not a product pusher - That's presales in action.


➥ Practical Tips:


"Listen more than you talk. Understand before you pitch."

"Never underestimate the power of understanding the market. Spend as much time researching as you do selling."

"Your product is not what you're selling. You're selling solutions, benefits, and buying experiences."

"The relationship building with a client starts long before the sale is made. It starts when you begin to understand their world."

"Always anticipate the future needs of your customer. If you can predict what they'll need next, you'll always be one step ahead."

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The Role of Technology in Presales


Today, technology isn’t just an aid; it's a driving force. One prominent industry figure aptly remarked, "In today's fast-paced market, using technology in presales isn't a choice; it's a necessity."


Data Analytics: Advanced analytics tools can study market trends, predict future ones, and analyze customer scenario. PreSkale ensures it isn't about casting a wide net but about precision fishing – targeting the right fish at the right time with the right bait.


CRM Systems: Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce not only help manage customer data but can also track potential leads, preferences, and feedback, offering presales professionals insights on how best to approach a client.


Collaboration Tools: Tools like PreSkale ensure technical sales and presales teams share insights, updates, and strategies seamlessly in real time.


Dig Your Presales Foundations: When building a house, if your foundation isn’t strong, the entire structure risks collapsing. The same principle applies to presales. 


Know Your Product:  Your product is your bible. Know it cover to cover. Every feature, every advantage, and even every limitation.


Know Your Customer: Study them. Understand their pains, their joys, their past purchases, their feedback. A customer is a book. Read it.


Build Strong Relationships: Presales isn’t just about aligning a product to a customer. It's about building trust, strong understanding, and a rapport that can weather any storm.


Getting to the Root of the Problem: 


Let’s narrate a tale.


Alice, a presales professional for a health software company, was pitching a product to a large hospital chain. During her presentation, she noticed the CTO seemed distant. Instead of pushing her product harder, Alice paused and asked a simple question, "What’s your biggest tech challenge right now?" The CTO opened up about a recent system crash. Alice adjusted her pitch to address that immediate pain point, emphasizing the stability and support of her product.


Months later, the CTO recalled, "She didn’t just sell software. She offered a solution to our sleepless nights."


This story emphasizes an important lesson: Always aim to identify the core problem. Pro tips:


Ask Open-Ended Questions: Instead of “Do you need…?”, try “What challenges are you currently facing with…?”


Listen Actively: It's not just about hearing words but understanding the emotions and concerns behind them.


Adapt and Evolve: No matter how well you've prepared, be ready to adjust your pitch or strategy based on real-time feedback and observations.


The world of presales is a blend of art and science. While the principles remain unchanged – understanding your product and your customer – the methods have evolved with technology playing a pivotal role. Always remember, at the heart of every successful presales strategy is the ability to get to the root of the problem and offer a tailored solution.


Tips for A More Effective Presales Enablement Process: A Comprehensive Guide


Tips for A More Effective Presales Enablement Process: A Comprehensive Guide

In the business dynamics, there's an old saying: "Efficiency isn’t just about speed, but direction." Presales is a strategic function, and like all strategies, it benefits immensely from clarity, structure, and the right tools. Here, we'll delve into some actionable insights that can elevate your sales enablement process.

Before attempting to solve a problem, it's crucial to understand its nature and extent.


In business, clarity is power. The clearer you are about the problem, the closer you are to the solution.


Identify the Enablement Problem


Gather Feedback: From sales teams, customers, and stakeholders.

Analyze Data: Use data analytics to identify trends, successes, and gaps.

Document Challenges: Whether it's misalignment with sales, lack of clear value propositions, or outdated materials.


Get to the Root of the Problem

It's one thing to spot a problem, but unraveling its underlying causes is where the real game is.


Engage Cross-functional Teams: Often, insights from product teams, marketing, and customer success teams can shed light on hidden issues.

Host Product Workshops: Encourage open discussions where internal teams can voice concerns without judgment.

Create a Process

Structure is the backbone of efficiency.

Map the Journey: From lead identification to the handover to sales.

Standardize Best Practices: Document the purchasing process that works and ensure they're followed.

Introduce Checkpoints: Regular intervals to assess and course-correct as needed.


Leverage Enablement Tools

The right tools can supercharge your presales enablement process.


With cutting-edge analytics and an intuitive design, PreSkale not only simplifies your presales journey but optimizes it. Whether it's streamlining communication, identifying potential leads, or offering insightful reports, PreSkale has established itself as a game-changer in the presales landscape.


Optimize Product Demos

The power of a product demo cannot be underestimated in the presales journey. It's often the touchpoint that sways a potential client's decision one way or the other. However, not all demos are created equal. To make the most of this pivotal moment:

  1. Embrace Demo Automation: Instead of repeatedly showcasing generic features, use demo automation and demo tools to highlight specific functionalities tailored to the client's needs. This not only saves demo time but ensures the prospect sees the direct value of the offering for their unique challenges.

  2. Offer Interactive Video Demos: An interactive demo allows prospects to dive deep into the aspects of the product they're most curious about. It's a dynamic and engaging way to present your product's capabilities.

  3. Schedule Regular Demo Sessions: Set aside dedicated times for demos, ensuring that potential clients can easily slot into a time that suits them and that your team is always prepared.

  4. Train the Trainers: The person conducting the demo is as crucial as the product itself. Regularly train your team on the latest features and best practices to ensure compelling demos is a win.

Incorporating these strategies into your presales process will ensure that your product demos aren't just a routine procedure but a powerful tool in sealing the deal.


How to Judge the Success of Your Presales Function


How to Judge the Success of Your Presales Function

Measuring success is more than just sales numbers.

Customer Feedback: Happy customers are a testament to a successful presales strategy.

Alignment with Sales: A smooth handover and minimum friction indicate that presales did its job well.

Lead Conversion Ratios: A higher conversion rate indicates a well-targeted and executed effective presales strategy with steps.


Optimize your Presales function by leveraging PreSkale


Given its prowess, PreSkale isn’t just a tool; it's a strategic partner. Here's how it can refine your presales function and give you an accurate picture of your sales cycle:


Deep Dive Analytics: Understand market trends and customer behavior like never before.

Collaboration: Bring all key stakeholders onto a single platform for streamlined communication.

Automated Reporting: Stay updated with real-time insights.

An efficient presales enablement method is like a well-oiled machine in wrapping up. By defining problems clearly, creating a robust sales process, exercising buyer enablement, leveraging advanced tools like PreSkale, and continuously measuring success, your presales function will not only thrive but become a benchmark for others to emulate.



Learning shouldn't stop

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The PreSales library is free to access. And best of luck for your future.

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