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PreSkale completes SOC 2 Type 1 Audit in under 30 days

Prashanth Ganesh
May 7, 2024
5 min read

We’re glad to announce that PreSkale has successfully completed a Service Organization Controls (SOC2) Type 1 audit in under 30 days – record time. SOC reports are backed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA) and Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA).

SOC2 demonstrates that our company environment has adequate controls in place to govern information security. And Type 1 compliance is a snapshot of our organization’s controls.

Our security-first culture:

As a B2B platform, PreSkale garners interest from companies with a security-first mindset. “Getting SOC2 compliant was on the list from the very beginning,” says Prashanth Ganesh, COO and Cofounder at PreSkale. "When we started, we had the unique opportunity to sow the seeds of a security-first culture right when our infrastructure was small."

He adds, “Compliance is no longer being asked. It’s expected by default. And inculcating security disciplines in the engineering team from the very start helps build a culture that is deep rooted in architecting a secure product. Our engineers have got into the habit of secure mindful coding, safe handling of instances early on, and identifying vulnerabilities in the code – helping us become a strong, stable, and mature product."

Security does not stop with the tech team alone. In fact, we have a set of standardized security policies across different teams. We insist upon the team members not to open suspicious emails, click on unidentified links, and visit in-secure websites, among other practices.

Apart from product design & development, marketing, customer experience, and sales – we added information security as another piece in bringing the product to life. This has been our default and that’s how we want to grow ahead.

How we halved our time getting SOC compliant

Prashanth had a tough time implementing SOC in his past experiences. It can get truly tedious and time-consuming using traditional methods. He stressed on automating this process at PreSkale.

After thorough evaluation, we found Sprinto. They helped us navigate the chaotic course of implementing SOC in record time. It was extremely easy and “fun” to work with Sprinto.

We were able to complete the audit in a month’s time not because we were on a clock but the process overall was streamlined and the product was already developed with security in mind, thanks to our Engineering Head, Senthil Kumar DSK.

We had previously built necessary modules and files to facilitate our SOC audit. Typically, it takes around 3 to 6 months for a company to prepare for an SOC audit. Prashanth knew this, and had already prepped the team and material to accelerate the process.

Being proactive really helps. One shouldn’t wait till they land enterprise customers asking for a SOC report. In such cases, you will definitely push your focus from critical functions of your company to getting SOC compliant, which is a recipe for disaster.

Also, compliance is not a one-off process. Going ahead, we will work with Sprinto to maintain compliance year-round and our team members to ensure security policies are maintained and followed thoroughly.

We believe in delivering value securely. And this is the ethos we stand by.

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