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7 Best Product Feedback Tools in 2024

Ajay Jay
March 5, 2024
5 min read

Choosing the right tool for product feedback might seem like an uphill task, especially with the variety of products available in the market. It's essential for your business's success to choose tools that provide both you and your customers a seamless experience. So, we've compiled a feature comparison of seven of the top product feedback tools in 2023, to help abbreviate your search. These tools come with various features that will help capture your customers' inputs and feedback efficiently and effectively.

Understanding each tool's key features is critical in making an informed decision about which customer feedback tool, or combination of tools, will best meet your business's needs. Some powerful tools shine with the ease of setting up feedback capture mechanisms, while others excel in analyzing the gathered data, turning it into actionable insights. It's all about fitting your organization's needs and building a customer feedback ecosystem around it.

"The process of choosing the right product feedback tool is a balance between understanding your customer feedback needs and matching them with the right mix of feature requests that an application provides. In the evolving digital economy, getting this balance right can be the difference between success and failure." - John Doe, Industry Expert.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, these tools have been proven to enhance communication between you and your customers, making it easier to iterate your products based on their feedback.

1. PreSkale


As the first of our highlighted product feedback tools, Preskale enters the stage with a beaming reputation. It's a top choice for businesses in most sectors and it consistently delivers results.

Preskale is focused on delivering top-tier customer experiences through effective feedback collection and analysis. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for users to collect actionable feedback from their customers in real-time.

Features such as product gap tacker, detailed analytics, and personalised reports make Preskale an excellent choice for businesses seeking to understand their customer base better. And if you need any assistance, Preskale's round-the-clock customer support will always be there to aid you.

When it comes to product feedback tools, one size does not fit all. Each tool offers unique features and capabilities that cater to different business needs. For example, some tools may specialize in collecting feedback from customers through various channels such as email, survey tools, or social media platforms. Others may focus on analyzing and visualizing the data to provide valuable insights for product improvements.


  • Automated Activity Tracking: PreSkale's integration with CRM and calendar tools ensures a smooth workflow through seamless connectivity, streamlining your sales process.
  • Centralized Product Gap Management: This feature simplifies the identification, documentation, and tracking of product gaps, enhancing the efficiency of gap resolution.
  • Advanced Data Analytics for Revenue Teams: PreSkale offers tailored analytics specifically designed for revenue teams, aiding in insightful revenue impact analysis

Overall, Preskale is a versatile contender in the feedback tools arena, blending functionality with usability testing to give you an insightful perspective into your customer base.

2. Hotjar


Up next on our list is Hotjar, a popular choice for businesses of all sizes who want to truly understand their customers' behavior. With a comprehensive toolset that combines both qualitative and quantitative data, Hotjar offers an intuitive way to visualize user behavior and gather direct feedback.

Hotjar’s Heatmaps reserves the ability to comprehend what users want, care about, and interact with on your website by visually representing their clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior. Additionally, its Feedback Polls acquire customer insights directly from your website and User Recording feature lets you peek into your customer journey.


  • Visualize user behavior with heatmaps.
  • Collect direct feedback with polls and product surveys.
  • User activity recording.
  • Conversion funnels to spot dropout points.

Unravel the roads less travelled with Hotjar and use its power of visual representation to understand and cater to your user needs. A valuable asset to your product refinement journey, Hotjar makes it easier to collect, understand, and act on teh technical knowledge of user feedback in real-time.

3. Productboard


Moving on, we have Productboard, a comprehensive product management tool designed to help product managers consolidate and make sense of user feedback. If you're battling with a mishmash of feedback streaming in from various channels, Productboard offers a solution.

Productboard brilliantly maps user insights against the product strategy, providing a unified vision where product managers can see where user needs align with business goals. Its clean and usable design provides a smooth experience, making feedback and backlog management easier than ever.


  • Centralize feedback from all sources.
  • Score features based on user impact and business value.
  • Interactive and visual roadmapping.
  • Customizable scorecard system.

With Productboard, make complex product decisions with confidence. It empowers you to practice objective-oriented feedback management effectively, aligning customer desires with the paths of product development.

4. SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey

One of the more renowned names in surveys and feedback tools, SurveyMonkey should not be overlooked when considering feedback tools. It's a comprehensive solution designed to collect and analyze various types of survey data, ensuring your product continues to improve, evolve, and meet the demands of your customers.


  • Easy-to-use survey creation wizard - enables you to design and distribute your surveys effortlessly.
  • Diverse question types - from multiple choices to matrix type questions, SurveyMonkey has a wide range of options.
  • Data analysis - the robust analytics feature allows you to break down survey responses into real-time insights, enabling targeted adjustments to your product development strategy.
  • Integration features - SurveyMonkey can integrate with various CRM tools, helping you manage customer relationships more effectively.

5. Nolt


Nolt takes a unique community-driven approach to collect product feedback. This platform lets your users vote on existing feedback and create their own suggestions. This interactive method to collate feedback can drive your product in the right direction, straight from your userbase.


  • Community collaboration - users can vote and comment on proposed features, offering a direct input into product development.
  • Effective categorization - ensures that feedback is easy to find, manage, and analyze.
  • Transparency - helps to build trust with customers while allowing them to see what features are in development and where they stand in the queue.
  • Native Integration - Nolt can integrate with popular project management systems, ensuring seamless incorporation into your current workflow.

6. UseResponse


UseResponse is an all-in-one feedback management tool aimed to help businesses gather feedback and implement strategic decisions based on it. With UseResponse, you can manage customer support, ideas, and feedback all from one unified interface, making it easier to keep track and stay organized.


  • Customizable feedback widgets - provides the option to gather feedback directly from your website or application.
  • Idea management system - helps manage and prioritize ideas based on upvotes, ensuring you know what's most important to the userbase.
  • Self-service portals - enables customers to find solutions on their own, effectively freeing up customer service resources.
  • Integration capabilities - UseResponse integrates with a wide array of third-party applications for a seamless feedback management process.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we stack up the top product feedback tools of 2023, we know there might be a few questions stirring up in your mind. We're here to untangle those queries so you can choose the best tool for your business confidently.

What are feedback tools?

Feedback tools are essential software and online platforms used by businesses to efficiently collect, manage, and analyze customer opinions about their products or services. These handy tools facilitate better communication between you—the business—and your customers. In turn, that allows you to understand what your customers appreciate about your product or service and where you might need to make improvements.

The utility of a good qualitative feedback tool extends beyond just collecting online reviews, though. Many come with additional functionalities, such as data analysis and reporting, automation, and even collaborative features. All these combined can help you make data-driven decisions, streamline your workflow, and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page about how best to improve your product or service.

What should I consider when choosing a product feedback tool?

There are several factors you should consider when selecting a product feedback tool. Look for features that allow for easy collection and interpretation of data. Also, consider the user experience of the tool from your customers' perspective - is it easy to use and intuitive? Finally, think about your budget and the scalability of the tool as your business grows.

Can I use multiple product feedback tools simultaneously?

Yes, you can. In fact, using more than one feedback tool can provide a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of user experiences and needs. However, avoid overcomplicating the process with too many tools, as this can lead to confusing or conflicting data.

Are there free product feedback tools available?

Yes, there are plenty of free product feedback tools available, some even on this list! However, it's crucial to keep in mind that often free versions come with limitations and could lack advanced features you may require to analyze the incoming feedback effectively. However, for small businesses or startups, these can serve as excellent starting points.

Why is it crucial to gather product feedback?

Gathering product valuable feedback is a crucial step for improving both your product and customer experience. Direct user feedback helps you pinpoint what's working and what's not, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that can lead to product improvements, innovation, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth.

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