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Top 7 Product Management Tools in 2024

Ajay Jay
February 23, 2024
5 min read

Have you ever struggled to manage your product's lifecycle, from concept, through launch, to evaluation? That's where product management software can help. But how do you choose the perfect tool for your team? In this article, we will walk you through the top 7 product management tools in 2024. Each software boasts unique features to perfect your product development strategy, streamline processes and boost productivity. Let's dive in.

"Great products are a result of meticulous planning, stellar execution, and strategic management."

  • Product Management Software: This category of software provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to aid in the planning, development, marketing, and evaluation of products. It's an essential investment for any team that wants to streamline their product development process and achieve superior results.
  • Key Features: From roadmapping to workflow automation, resource allocation, and beyond, the exact features vary between each product management tool. However, all of them aim to improve visibility, foster communication, and enhance accountability.

What is Product Management Software?

Product Management Software is a vital tool for organizations striving to streamline their product lifecycle. It's like the central command hub where these companies strategize, develop, market and constantly improve their products. The software helps product managers and teams to efficiently align product strategies from creation to launch, and even beyond.

What should you look for in product management software?

Choosing the right product management software depends on your specific needs. However, essential features to look for may include customizable workflows, collaboration tools, data analytics, integration capabilities, excellent customer support, and of course, affordability. Let's dive into the top 7 product management tools in 2024.

7 Best Product Management Software in 2024

There is a myriad of product management tools available in the market, but only the best can truly maximize productivity and efficiency. Below is our expertly curated list of the top 7 product management tools for 2024, encompassing brief descriptions, pricing, and the types of plans they offer:

It's important to note that the listed prices are approximate and may vary slightly. We recommended visiting each product's website for the most accurate pricing information.

1. Aha! - Roadmaps Made Easy 


The heart of Aha! lies in its roadmap feature, which enables product managers to plan, prioritize, and track product development over time. The pricing starts from $59 per user per month for the Premium plan, with Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans available.

2. Asana: Task Tracking Master 


With its easy-to-use interface, Asana is famous for tracking tasks and molding efficient workflows. Basic plan is free, while the Premium, Business and Enterprise plans range from $10.99 to $24.99 per user per month. 

3. Jira: Agile Development Dynamo


If you're on the hunt for a tool that's perfect for agile product management, then look no further than Jira. Renowned for its versatility, Jira can fit into any workflow, be it Scrum, Kanban or mixed methodologies. Pricing starts at $10/month for up to 10 users. They offer three types of plans: Free, Standard, and Premium, allowing for scalability. 

4. ProdPad: Idea Management Pro 


ProdPad shines in managing product backlog and capturing ideas. It starts at $149 per month for the Startups plan, but also provides options for Scaleups and Enterprises, priced accordingly. 

5. Pendo: User Insight Expert


Pendo excels in capturing user behavior and feedback to inform product decisions. Contact Pendo for custom pricing options. 

6. Project Management Guru 

Monday offers an all-in-one, intuitive platform for all project management needs, from planning to tracking. Pricing options start from $8 per seat/month (Basic) and escalate up to $20 per seat/month (Enterprise). 

Let's continue our list of ingenious product management tools with our last pick: 

7. Strategists' Favorite

Next up is, a popular choice amongst product strategists, primarily for its advanced roadmap visuals and strategic matrices. operates on a tiered pricing model, with plans starting at $45/user per month and providing options for Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans. 

Choose the Best Product Management Software for Your Team

Selecting the best product management software isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. The right software for your team hinges on a multitude of factors; team size, product complexity, budget, and many more. So, shed reliance on hearsay, explore your options, try out their trials, and making an informed decision. After all, it's about enhancing your product's life and your team's productivity.

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