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What is sales activity tracking and how to improve sales performance?

Ajay Jay
May 7, 2024
5 min read

What is a sales activity tracker?

A Sales Activity Tracker is a specialized software solution designed to systematically monitor, record, and analyze all interactions and tasks associated with the sales process.

In the bustling world of sales, where every detail can make a monumental difference, keeping track of various activities can feel akin to a Herculean task. What if there was a tool that could not only track but offer a bird’s-eye view of all the nuances involved in the sales process? Well, there exists such a tool – the sales activity tracker.

Qualitative Activities

Qualitative activities signify the richer, deeper aspects of the sales process. These are the key sales activities that are more artistic and discerning, providing a tapestry of the richer nuances that are often not reflected in mere numbers.


Communicative prowess is not just a skill but an art in the realm of sales. Can a sales professional engage in a conversation that is not just heard but deeply felt by the potential clients? It is this finely tuned skill that stands as the backbone of qualitative sales activities.

Understanding Client Needs

A sales manager with a deep understanding of client needs is a detective, unraveling the mysteries of clients’ desires, sometimes even before the clients themselves are aware. It is this intuitive understanding that creates a bridge between organizations and their potential customers.

Emotional Intelligence 

In the delicate dance of sales, emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role. Are we capable of forging connections that go beyond the superficial layers, creating bonds that stand the test of real time?

Quantitative Activities

On the flip side, we have the quantitative activities, which represent the numerical backbone of the sales process, offering tangible data and clear-cut key metrics that narrate the story of a company's sales journey.

Setting Targets

Targets in sales are not just numbers; they represent a well-charted path to achieve revenue goals. Do we have a roadmap that is grounded in reality yet ambitious enough to spur unprecedented growth?

Monitoring Sales KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are akin to the heartbeat of the sales process, providing a pulse on the health of sales activities. Are we tuning into this pulse to steer the ship in the right direction?

Analytics Tools

In the modern era, sales analytics tools are the architects, constructing robust strategies based on hard data and insights. Are we leveraging these tools to build strategies that are both intuitive and data-driven?

Technology Integration

In this digital age, technology serves as a steadfast ally, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. Are we prepared to embrace the technological advancements that promise to revolutionize the sales landscape?


 Examples of sales activities that can be tracked

1. Sales Pipeline Activity

Sales Pipeline Activity

The entire sales cycle is essentially the beating heart of sales operations, chronicling the journey of opportunities as they transition from potential leads to satisfied customers. But how do we ensure that this heart beats steadily and rhythmically? By tracking every pulsation, every nuanced activity within the pipeline, we can foster a rhythm that sings the song of growth and prosperity.


Can we identify the stages where potential clients get stuck the most? Are we adapting our strategies based on the behavior and feedback of prospective clients? A detailed analysis of the pipeline action items can present a gold mine of opportunities, waiting to be seized to steer the venture toward the closed deal.

2. Tech Press Ecosystem Outreach Spreadsheet


Tech Press Ecosystem Outreach Spreadsheet

This not-so-traditional sounding activity is virtually the nerve center of outreach operations, a comprehensive spreadsheet that organizes and directs outreach endeavors towards tech press ecosystems. It operates like the control tower in an airport, directing traffic and ensuring everything runs without a hitch.


Are we tapping into the rich insights this spreadsheet offers? Are we leveraging it to foster customer relationships with the tech press, potentially setting the stage for fruitful collaborations?

3. Cold Email Sales Weekly Activity Spreadsheet


Cold Email Sales Weekly Activity Spreadsheet

Cold emails represent the initial handshake, the first step in establishing a relationship with potential clients. This spreadsheet acts like a meticulous planner, orchestrating every move with a strategic mindset.


Are we analyzing the cold email responses meticulously to understand the market pulse? Can we fine-tune our approach based on the feedback received, turning cold leads into warm prospects?

4. Sales Funnel Activity


The sales funnel represents the dynamic deal flow of sales opportunities, a vivid representation of deal status that hot lead from awareness to conversion rate. This funnel is where strategies take shape, carving pathways to sales objectives.


Are we constantly refining our funnel to ensure a smooth transition of leads from one stage to another? Can we craft strategies that are not just effective but create a narrative of trust and reliability?

5. SDR Daily Attack Planner / Activity


The daily attack planner stands as the SDR's blueprint for daily success, a tool that organizes and strategizes every move with a focus on achieving the daily targets.


Are we using this planner to venture into uncharted territories, paving new paths to success? Can we view it as a compass, guiding us through the dynamic landscape of sales with a vision of achievement?

6. Sales Call Planner Template


Imagine having a meticulous planner at your disposal, delineating every tiny detail of your prospective sales phone calls. That’s what a sales call planner template brings to the table; it’s your blueprint for constructing a sales call that resonates with potential clients.


Are we leveraging this template to craft calls that not only communicate the necessary details but also resonate with the potential clients on a deeper level? Can it be the tool that molds each call into a tailored experience, honed to perfection?

7. Sales Activity Scorecard


Sales Activity Scorecard

A sales activity scorecard stands as the vigilant scorekeeper in the competitive game of sales, meticulously noting each score, and offering a detailed breakdown of performance of sales reps. It is a tool that doesn't just record but gives a vivid depiction of the playing field.


Are we diving deep into the data presented in the scorecard to carve out sales strategies that are not just reactive but proactive? Can this scorecard be the oracle, predicting the winds of change and offering valuable insights to steer the ship towards uncharted sales territories of success?

8. Enterprise Feedback Activity Collected on Sales Calls


Enterprise feedback collection is like having a repository where all the feedback voices from various sales calls are housed. It is an ever-evolving library of actionable insights, experiences, and customer perspectives, which are gleaned from every customer interaction.


Are we unveiling the rich narratives that this repository holds, understanding the intricate tapestry woven from myriad customer satisfaction? Can it be the tool that guides us to craft strategies that resonate deeply with our client base, heralding a new era of customer-centric operations?

9. Sales Compensation Plan Agreement


Sales compensation plans stand as the mighty pillars holding up the incentive structure in a sales organization. It is a well-defined agreement that delineates the rewards pathway, motivating the sales team to stride towards higher sales goals.


Are we exploring the potentials embedded in a well-structured compensation plan? Can this agreement forge a team that is not just motivated by rewards but propelled by a genuine drive to achieve unprecedented heights?


Sales activity tracking software



  • Automated Data Entry
  • Email Tracking
  • Visual Pipeline


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent for small businesses
  • Seamless integration with other tools


  • Limited customization
  • May not be suitable for large enterprises

Verdict: Salesflare is perfect for startups and small businesses looking for an easy-to-use solution with automated features!


Zoho CRM


  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • AI-Powered Sales Assistant
  • Analytics Dashboard


  • Highly customizable
  • Scalable for large enterprises
  • Robust analytics


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Higher pricing tiers

Verdict: Zoho CRM is ideal for medium to large enterprises that require extensive customization and analytics.




  • Native G Suite Integration
  • Automated Follow-ups
  • Relationship Tracking


  • Excellent for G Suite users
  • Intuitive UI
  • Relationship-centric approach


  • Limited third-party integrations
  • No on-premise option

Verdict: Copper is a go-to for businesses heavily invested in G Suite and looking for a relationship-focused CRM. 

PreSkale: A Complete Sales Activity Tracking Tool

PreSkale offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to both in-house and field sales teams. With detailed analytics, multi-channel communication, and a user-friendly interface, PreSkale aims to be a one-stop solution for sales activity tracking.

It provides real-time tracking. Forget about end-of-the-day reporting or constant micromanagement! The tool updates automatically, ensuring that you know what's happening in your sales funnel at any given moment. Isn't that what every sales team dreams of?

  1. Product Gap Identification: One of the standout features of PreSkale is its ability to help you identify product gaps. The tool gathers customer feedback and interaction data, compiling it into actionable reports. By analyzing this data, you can discover what features or services your customers are seeking that your current offering lacks. This is invaluable! Instead of relying on gut feelings or anecdotal evidence, you can make strategic decisions based on real customer needs, enhancing not only your product but also your sales strategy!

  1. Meetings Logging: This is a lifesaver for busy sales professionals. PreSkale automatically logs your meetings, ensuring that you spend your time selling rather than handling administrative tasks.

  1. Pipeline Visualization: Ever been confused about the status of your various deals? With PreSkale, you get a visual snapshot of your entire sales pipeline. Say goodbye to Excel sheets and complex CRM systems!

  1. Performance Metrics: Get access to real-time analytics and reporting features. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) like close rates, revenue generated, and much more. This can help you make data-driven decisions and strategies for your sales team.

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