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17 Pipeline Generation Ideas in 2024

Ajay Jay
May 7, 2024
5 min read

Welcome to 2024, a year full of potential opportunities for your business. You're here because you're going after the big wins, seeking new strategies to improve your pipeline generation for your sales and marketing team. So, we'd like to start the year with some innovative pipeline ideas that you can explore. 

Pipeline generation is not just about acquiring leads; it’s about fostering business growth and establishing sustainable practices. It's the strategic alignment of business practices towards generating consistent and quality leads.

By expanding your pipeline, you establish a consistent flow of potential prospects. This approach not only helps meet your revenue goals but also gives your company a competitive edge. Simply put, a more comprehensive pipeline means more opportunities for closing deals! 

In this article, we'll be going through 17 exciting pipeline generation ideas for 2024 that your business should implement. So buckle up, it's time to fuel your knowledge and charge ahead in the year!  So, let's get started! 

"Success in sales is not just about working harder; it's about working smarter. Embrace innovative pipeline generation ideas to stay one step ahead."

Before we delve into these strategies, first, let's get a handle on what a 'pipeline generation' is. 

What is Pipeline Generation?

Pipeline generation refers to the process of generating and managing a systematic flow of potential clients or prospects for a particular business. The flow is called a 'pipeline' because it portrays the ongoing, ever-moving nature of the leads as they progress from being potential customers to becoming actual clients. This process not only involves the identification of the prospects but also the meticulous nurturing and management of these leads. 

Why is Pipeline Generation Important? 

The importance of pipeline generation in a business cannot be overstated. A well-built pipeline not only provides visibility over prospective customers, but it also helps in predicting growth and sales. Here's why pipeline generation is absolutely crucial: 

  • Better Forecasting:With a robust sales pipeline, businesses can predict future sales trends more accurately. This, in turn, informs strategy and planning.
  • Increased Efficiency: Pipeline generation helps in the efficient allocation of resources as it provides insights on where to invest for maximum returns.
  • Greater Control: By having a pipeline in place, a business can track, manage and influence the entire sales process effectively.

Pipeline generation vs Lead generation

Though they may seem similar, or even interchangeable, pipeline generation and lead generation are distinctly unique concepts in the field of sales and marketing. Their use and implementation vary drastically, pointing towards different stages and strategies within a sales process. 

Pipeline generation, as you might recall, focuses on creating a steady flow of opportunities – that is, potential sales deals. It's an ongoing process that aims to cultivate and maintain customer relationships, bolster engagement, thus, fostering conversion. 

On the other hand, lead generation zeroes in on attracting prospects and converting them into someone who has shown interest in your product or service. Be it through content marketing, social media, or any other inbound marketing strategies, the main goal is to entice potential customers and capture their contact information. 

Simply put: Lead Generation is about attracting potential customers, while Pipeline Generation is about converting these potentials into actual sales opportunities.

The confusion often stems from viewing these concepts as stages within the same funnel. But it's essential to understand that both concepts co-exist, feeding information to each other within a healthy, well-structured sales ecosystem. Where lead generation ends, pipeline generation begins, picking up the baton and navigating it towards sales success. 

Pipeline Generation Strategies for 2024 

Now that we've differentiated pipeline generation from lead generation, let's delve into some concrete strategies and tactics you can incorporate in 2024 to enhance your pipeline. But before that, let's do a quick brush-up on the basics. 

Remember, the key to successful pipeline generation lies in understanding your buyer's journey and aligning your business activities with it. It's about being there, ready to engage when potential customers reach the point of decision-making. Here are 17 potent pipeline generation strategies for your consideration. 

  • Customize your message.

    Stepping up, you should consider customizing your messages. You see, it's not just about reaching out to as many potential leads as you can. It's about reaching out in a way that strikes a chord. It's about relevance, resonance, and rapport!

  • Provide information for free.

    Imagine when you're thirsty, someone hands you a bottle of water for free. You'd probably remember that person, right? In fact, you might even feel grateful and inclined to return the favor. Offering free resources in the business realm follows this same principle. When you provide valuable information to your audience or potential customers at no cost, they're not only more likely to stick around but also remember your brand when it's time to invest.

  • Templates and checklists should not be underestimated.

    Think of templates and checklists as your business's secret weapon. They streamline tasks, remind you of essentials and ensure consistency across your pipeline generation activities. After all, who wouldn't appreciate a handy guide when strategizing and executing complex plans?

  • Produce informative videos for your target audience.

    Creating informative videos is a stellar way to generate an interest-piquing pipeline. But the question is, how can you effectively and purposefully weave it into your sales and marketing strategy? Well, it's simpler than you might think!

  • Collaborate with other companies.

    Forming alliances with other businesses means you're tapping into a clientele base that's already been nurtured and established by another company. Your partners can refer your services or products to their customers, giving you the opportunity to expand your market reach and diversify your prospect base.

  • Integrate outreach and social selling techniques on LinkedIn.

    If you're asking, "How can I drive sales in 2024?", you're asking the right question! Let's take a peek at the world of LinkedIn, where discovering and converting leads is an unrivaled art.

    Start exploring the vast landscape that is LinkedIn by adopting social selling. Wondering what social selling means? It's the idea of using your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.

  • Initiate contact with your prospects and engage in meaningful conversations.

    Reaching out to your prospects proactively not only helps generate interest in your products or services, but also allows you to foster a relationship with potential customers. However, it's important to remember that your communications need to be strategic, tailored, and offer clear value if you want your prospects to take the desired action.

  • Utilize upsells and lead magnets to increase the size of your email list.

    Upselling is a sales technique where you offer customers a higher-priced alternative or addition to the item they're considering. This strategy doesn't just increase revenue; it also adds value for your customers by helping them get the most out of their purchase. Begin by identifying opportunities for upselling within your existing customer base. Then, personalize your upsell offer using customer data to ensure it meets their unique needs and preferences. It's also useful to show customers clear comparisons between their current product and the upgraded version, highlighting exactly what they'll gain from spending a little more.

  • Provide free consultations and sales calls to assess leads.

    Offering free consultations or sales calls is an exceptional way to generate pipeline. This is especially relevant if your business operates in a sector where services or products may be complex or bespoke to each client. Free consultations provide an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, showcase the value of your services, and identify the needs and pain points of your leads. The information gleaned from these consultations can then be used to tailor your offer, making it more likely for leads to convert.

  • Become a guest on podcasts that your audience listens to.

    Appearing as a guest on relevant podcasts can do wonders for your brand visibility and pipeline generation efforts in 2024. Picture this—you're speaking directly to your target audience, articulating your brand's unique solutions, and gaining their trust all at the same time.

  • Provide valuable online courses for your ICP.

    Offering online courses is a fantastic way to drum up interest and, ultimately, generate a pipeline for your business. By tailoring content to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), you're ensuring the highest chances of engagement.

  • Plan and coordinate webinars together.

    Webinars are an excellent tool to generate pipelines in 2024. A webinar is an online seminar where companies present ideas, products or services to a digital audience. Not only do they showcase your expertise, but they're an effective tool for customer engagement and lead generation.

  • Create educational or instructional videos.

    Videos are becoming a cornerstone of marketing strategy, and there's no doubt they can drive tremendous results when it comes to pipeline generation. An educational video simplifies complex concepts into digestible bits, making them easier to understand. Following an old saying, "Show, don’t tell!" videos carry the potential to showcase your product capabilities and instill confidence in buyers right from the early stages.

  • Provide a complimentary, on-demand product demonstration.

    Offering a free, on-demand product demonstration not only showcases the value and capabilities of your product or service, but it also acts as an engaging pipeline generation tactic. This mechanism can be automatic and can be accessed at any given point by the potential customer. It's like having a salesperson ready to present at the customer's convenience.

  • Audio content, such as podcasts and audiobooks, can be published.

    To round off that thought, audio content has the unique ability to engage audience members who may be multitasking or on-the-go.

    Consider the convenience that audio content brings. This makes it a highly valuable source of lead generation. It's pretty compelling how your potential customers could be listening to your podcasts while they're driving, working out, or even completing chores around the house.

  • Offer Books and eBooks.

    Offering books and eBooks can be seen as a valuable instrument for pipeline generation in the future. This approach can be particularly successful if your company has expertise in an industry that is constantly evolving and where there's a consistent demand for new knowledge and information.

  • Create Downloadable Guides.

    The power of downloadable guides as a pipeline generation tool is simply incredible. When you offer your prospects valuable, insightful and practical information, they begin to trust your brand and perceive you as a reliable authority. But what exactly do we mean by 'downloadable guides'? Let's dive in.

    Downloadable guides can be eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, technical manuals or anything else that delivers value to your customer. They should provide in-depth information on a topic of interest for your potential customers, largely focusing on the pain points or aspirations they have.

  • Build Copy & Paste Templates.

    We all are familiar with the saying, "Time is money," right? When it comes to pipeline generation, it's no different, friend. Having a set of ready-to-use templates can be an immense time-saver and significantly boost your efficiency. Think about repetitive communications or follow-ups you send regularly - why not make them into templates?

  • Take Active Feedback From Existing Clients.

    Who better to ask about improvements than the ones who are already using your services? Existing clients are a goldmine of information your business can tap into. Their feedback can help you refine your product offering, customer service, and even your marketing strategies. How to Take Feedback .

Also read: What is Enterprise Feedback Management

So, how do you go about collecting feedback? There are several methods you can employ:

  1. Surveys: These can be sent via email or can be hosted on your site. They are a quick way to gather structured feedback from a larger group of people. Make sure they are easy to fill in and don't take more than a few minutes of your clients' time.
  2. Interviews: If you want to dive deep into your clients' experiences with your business, nothing replaces one-on-one interviews. These can be time-consuming but can provide you with deep insights that you may not get from a survey.   Schedule and track interviews using PreSkale's calendar integration. This helps in efficiently managing one-on-one feedback sessions and ensures that these interactions are properly documented and analyzed.
  3. Suggestion Boxes: An oldie but a goodie. The traditional suggestion box still works, whether it's an actual physical box in your office, or an online form on your website.

PreSkale can be integrated with your CRM and email systems to automate the distribution of surveys. After a client interaction is logged in the CRM, a survey can be automatically sent, ensuring timely and relevant feedback.

  •   Using feedback for pipeline generation

    Now you have the feedback, what’s next? It's time to analyze and use that feedback to improve your business and generate more prospects for your sales funnel. Here are some pointers for how to utilize feedback for pipeline generation:

    First and foremost, keep in mind that feedback is at its most valuable when it's used to take action. It can guide your pipeline generation efforts in the new coming years, ensuring they align with your customers' actual needs and preferences.

Collect feedback and boost your pipeline generation with PreSkale!

Challenges in Pipeline Generation 

Though rewarding, the process of generating a pipeline can present several challenges. From identifying the right audience to creating engaging content and handling technical complexities - it can get overwhelming at times. But with perseverance, the right knowledge, and tools, you can successfully overcome these challenges. 

Remember, the goal is not only to generate leads but also to build strong relationships with your audience, transforming them into loyal customers. Hence, your approach should be persistent and considerate of their feedback. 

In Conclusion 

As we explore the diverse landscape of pipeline generation strategies for 2024, it's clear that innovation and adaptation are key. Each strategy we've discussed offers unique opportunities, but their true potential is unlocked when integrated with cutting-edge tools like PreSkale. With PreSkale's automated activity tracking, your sales and presales teams can focus more on strategy and less on manual data entry, ensuring a more efficient and effective approach to pipeline management.

Centralized product gap management through PreSkale streamlines the identification and resolution of gaps, directly impacting your revenue positively. This not only fosters a more responsive market approach but also revives sales opportunities that might have been missed otherwise.

Moreover, PreSkale's advanced data analytics for revenue teams offers tailored insights, enabling data-driven decision-making that aligns with market feedback and sales data. This approach not only helps in identifying revenue blocks but also in quantifying potential gains from resolving product gaps.

In conclusion, as you adapt these pipeline generation strategies to your specific needs, remember that the integration of PreSkale can significantly augment your efforts. Embrace experimentation, and don’t shy away from innovative approaches. With PreSkale as your ally, your next pipeline initiative could indeed be a massive success, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in your sales and presales endeavors.

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