Plan PreSales capacity with AI

Introducing PreSkale Community Edition, access PreSkale AI for free to:

  • Monitor instant utilization metrics
  • Improve visibility into resource allocation
  • Gain real-time insights on PreSales capacity

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Built to Scale

PreSkale AI is built to amplify your PreSales influence

How it works:

Get access to core PreSkale capabilities that will transform your PreSales process

Sync your Sales Flow

Easily integrate CRM to track deal progress

Connect your Calendar

Link Calendar to capture work schedule, enriched with PreSkale AI

Access to Insights on Day 1

Quickly build instant reports on capacity forecasting, distribution metrics and generate insights on utilization

Save deal time,
Improve capacity,
Plug revenue leaks.

SEs are your revenue machine and they're gasping for time and resources.
Add up to +15 hours to your week and fortify any revenue leaks with PreSales AI platform.